Our facility

Our facility

1 DOLBY CERTIFIED ATMOS THEATRICAL MIXING ROOM equipped with Avid S6 48, Avid HDX, Pro Tools 12 HD, SLS loudspeaker system, FULL HD Projector 1080p.

1 DOLBY CERTIFIED ATMOS HOME THEATRE – TV MIXING ROOM equipped with Avid S3, Avid Dock iPad, Avid HDX, Pro Tools 12 HD, JBL loudspeaker system, TV monitor 4K HDR.

6 DUBBING ROOMS equipped with Avid Artist Control, Avid HD Native, Avid HD Omni, Pro Tools 12 HD, Genelec loudspeaker system, Preamp Mic SSL Alpha Channel, Neumann U87, Sennheiser MKH40, Monitor State Raven MTi2, Full HD Projector 1080p.

3 AUDIO EDITING ROOMS equipped with Avid Hd Native, Avid HD Omni, Pro Tools 12 HD, 5.1 Genelec loudspeaker system, State Raven monitor MTi2, TV Monitor 65′.

1 VIDEO EDITING ROOM equipped with 3 Avid Media Composer, Sony Professional Monitor, Sony XDCAM HD/SD, Genelec speakers.

1 DATA TRANSFER ROOM equipped with Avid HD Native, Avid HD Omni, Genelec Speakers, operating 24h a day.

1 CED SERVER ROOM equipped with 5 storage Avid Nexis Pro, Telestream Vantage, Vidchecker Quality Check, AudioTools Minnetonka, Aspera Server.

All our hardwares are kept in the CED server room (as required by MPAA), which is video-monitored 24 hours a day, kept at a constant temperature, with anti-flooding devices, access with triple security level.

Internet connection by Unidata is 1GB download/upload speed guaranteed. This allows us managing files of relevant size via Aspera and Signiant. Traffic is carefully managed distributing bandwidth work amounts over 24 hours per day.